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Cisco Router Boot Sequence, Cisco Router POST (Power On Self Test)

When a Cisco router boots up, it performs a series of steps, called the router boot sequence, to test the hardware and load the necessary software. Cisco router boot sequence consists of the following steps: 1. The router performs a…
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Benefits of Segmenting a network using a Router

Network segmentation is a way of dividing a big computer network (we can consider a network as a Broadcast Domain) into subnetworks, each being a network segment or network layer. A big network can be segmented to smaller subnets using…
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What are the benefits of doing a CCNA course and what are the job profiles offered for this certification?

CCNA certification is one of the most recognized and popular IT Certification of today. The data shows that 1 million CCNA certificates have already been awarded since 1998 – when it first came into existence. Cisco certifications is not just…
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