What are the benefits of doing a CCNA course and what are the job profiles offered for this certification?

CCNA certification is one of the most recognized and popular IT Certification of today. The data shows that 1 million CCNA certificates have already been awarded since 1998 – when it first came into existence. Cisco certifications is not just beneficial for the workforce and IT aspirants; it also is useful for employers. Needless to say that Cisco Certification has huge benefits. In the process of acquiring this certification many IT professionals have changed their lives and achieve real benefits of CCNA certification. There have been instances where IT professionals even after working for many years felt the need of gaining CCNA credentials.

Here, is a list of advantages of CCNA certification achievement.

Have a look:

  • You Increase Your Knowledge
  • You may get a good promotion
  • Salary Increase and Rewards
  • It lays foundation for higher level Certifications
  • The Four Magical Letters Behind Your Name
  • Recognition and respect
  • Employers Appreciate Certified Employees
  • Jumpstart Your Networking Career
  • The first step to the success ladder
  • Personal Gratification

Job profiles can be offered after CCNA certifications

  • Network administrator
  • systems engineer
  • network engineer
  • IT manager